Fat Tuesday~celebrate with style!

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, that wild crazy celebration that takes place the day (and in some cities weeks and months) before Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.  Although we have never gone crazy with beads and parades at our house, there have been a few occasions when we have had something special in advance of the Lenten season.  Here are a few links to give you some ideas for having a special day! 

Mardi Gras

One of my favorite magazines Saveur; offers several recipes for creating a fun celebration at home.


If you are interested in the pastry Paczki, here is a link to a recipe for that delicious and rich delicacy!  Traditionally the idea is to stuff yourself with these on Fat Tuesday, all day….breakfast, lunch and after dinner.  If you are not inspired to make them from scratch you can find them in stacks at your local grocer bakery.


If you are looking for a big bang up finish to your Mardi Gras dinner, this King Cake recipe will give the great taste of a luscious cream cheese coffee cake along with it being a veritable decoration in itself. 

King Cake

http://www.southernliving.com/food/holidays-occasions/a-salute-to-king-cake-00400000007599/    Decorated in vibrant colors, representing the Three Kings journey in search of the Infant Jesus.  Tradition has it that a baby figurine is baked into the cake, representing Jesus and it is a contest to be the first to find it.  This is symbolic of the Three Kings “search” for the baby Jesus, the person who finds the baby has good luck all year.

So put on your beads and masks, start digging into your cake and have a great Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday!


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